KTRH Connected with Rachel Estrada

KTRH Connected with Rachel Estrada

5 Everyday Objects That Are Germ Magnets

1.  Soap dispensers.  The pump gets pressed BEFORE people wash their hands . . . and it rarely gets cleaned.  And studies show that even SOAP can carry germs.  So scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds and use hot water.

2.  Make-up counter testers.  A recent study found that one in five of those sample testers tested positive for things like yeast, mold, and FECAL MATTER.   

3.  All of your tech gadgets.  You can probably imagine the amount of germs on your mouse, your keyboard, and your tablet.  And you know your cell is covered in germs because you take it everywhere.  So sanitize them . . . a lot. And don't forget to clean the remote control . . . especially when you're in a hotel.

4.  Anything in a restaurant.  Menus are the worst of all.  But be careful of that ketchup bottle that's been touched by everyone all day.

5.  Gloves.  When it's cold you wear them all the time.  Just make sure you WASH them every once in a while.  And your hats and scarves too.  They can all harbor germs.


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