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True the Vote Sues IRS

True the Vote Sues IRS

A Houston-based voter watchdog group is suing the Internal Revenue Service claiming it too was unfairly targeted for audits and inspections after filing for tax exempt status. 

"We've had audits, personally for two years, privately at our business for two years, and we've been subjected to two unscheduled audits by the ATF, OSHA and Texas branch of the EPA," claims True the Vote's Catherine Engelbrecht.

Engelbrecht says there wasn't a problem until her group changed its name from King Street Patriots in 2011.

"All of that has happened in a very short period of time, and in my opinion it begs the question what is so different now, that was not different before we filed that application?" she asks.

True the Vote hopes the lawsuit flushes out answers to the larger IRS scandal involving other Tea Party groups.

"What they were doing? Why they were doing it? Who was doing it? And who told them what it was they were supposed to be doing?" says attorney Cleta Mitchell.

True the Vote not only wants a final decision on its application seeking tax exempt status, the group also is seeking damages for what it calls unauthorized inspections.

"It would be $1,000 per unlawful inspection," says Mitchell.  "We don't know how many inspections there were, but we know there were multiple," she says.

Hear more from Catherine Engelbrecht as she shares her situation with Matt Patrick:


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