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Ted Cruz For President In 2016?

Ted Cruz For President In 2016?

Senator Ted Cruz insists he has no presidential ambitions for 2016.  No one seems to be listening.

Friday night Cruz spoke at South Carolina’s annual Republican convention and because of the state’s prominent position as an early indicator in presidential primaries the buzz about a possible 2016 run has heated up.

“We would be elated if he ran in 2016,” according to Clear Lake Tea Party co-founder Robert Gonzales.  He told KTRH, “The Tea Parties across the state of Texas helped Ted beat the machine, and he did.  Ted made promises, and at this moment he and Steve Stockman are the only ones that went to Washington and are actually following through on their promises.”

When asked about his aspirations recently Senator Cruz said his entire focus is on the U.S. Senate.  He said that’s where the battlefield is.

Felicia Cravens, founder of the Houston Tea Party Society, thinks it’s too soon to consider Cruz for the highest national office.  “2016 is a long way off for people concerned in politics,” Cravens told KTRH.  “I’m sure most people’s focus is 2014 as they attempt to take back the Senate for Republicans.”

At the Republican dinner in Columbia, South Carolina Friday night, Cruz continued blasting the Obama administration over gun control.  He said he was convinced that with the help of Conservative voters in the state Republicans would be able to regain control of the Senate in 2016.

The crowd roared and the talking heads talked gleefully.


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