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Storm Warning Cancelled for Houston

Storm Warning Cancelled for Houston

Predicting winter weather can be tough. Sometimes the forecasters get it right. Sometimes, well, not so much. Today is one of those cases.

For the last 48 hours we’ve been telling you about another winter storm that was expected to drop rain, sleet, ice and even snow in some areas. Now it looks like it might not happen.

At about 4:15 this morning the National Weather Service announced they are cancelling the Storm Warning. An Advisory is now in place until noon.

But after last Friday’s quick hitting storm that produced hundreds of accidents, Mayor Parker wasn't taking any chances with city employees. Offices are closed.

Video courtesy of KTRH television partner KPRC Local 2:

“We were afraid people would get in safely but might not be able to return home at the end of the day,” Parker told reporters late last night.

Francesco Sanchez of Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency told KTRH their response to the weather this time around was going to be slightly different than it was last week.

“We’ll respond to accidents where we can. If we start seeing problem spots we will shut down those portions of the freeway to keep people safe,” Sanchez said.

David Popoff of Galveston County Office of Emergency management says drivers aren't the only ones that should be taking precautions, even in an advisory.

“We had some EMS calls last week where some elderly people slipped on the ice while they were on foot,” Popoff said, warning that you should be careful if you simply walk your dog.

Many in the area stocked up on salt to treat their walkways to help deal with the frozen stuff. What if you don’t have any? DPS Trooper Eric Burse has an alternative.

“You don’t have sand you can use cat litter. You can use that for your vehicle, too. Keep a bag in your car in case you get stuck,” Burse told KTRH.

Houston fire fighters responded to 505 calls during last week’s storm. And that was just between midnight and noon on Friday. Their normal day is about 100 calls.

Video courtesy of KTRH television partner KPRC Local 2:


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