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Space City Con Kicks Off Friday

Space City Con Kicks Off Friday

Thousands of science fiction fans will fill Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa and Convention Center through Sunday.

It's the third generation of Space City C on in Galveston.  The first drew two thousands fans, last summer's gathering in Houston had a crowd of 11 thousand.  That has organizers expecting big things this time from a diverse crowd. 

“Artists, celebrities, writers, people in the science fiction and fantasy community,” make up the people who will be filling the venue, according to Mike Martin, a spokesperson for Turn To Productions.

Fans of Star Trek, Game of Thrones and Babylon 5 will fill the place, some of them in costumes. 

Actor Tracy Scoggins of Babylon 5 fame is a Galveston native and she apparently played a role in bringing the big show to the coastal city.

“You've got a very diverse group of fans,” Martin says.  “They love getting together, discussing comics, games, movies, television and meeting the artists.”


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