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Redistricting Hearing in Houston Today

Redistricting Hearing in Houston Today

Stand and be counted in this American experiment in democracy.  The issue of drawing new district boundaries for Texas has come to Houston today.  A hearing headed by a state senate committee will hear citizen’s opinions starting at 11 this morning at the University of Houston campus at Michael J Cemo Hall, 4800 Calhoun Road.

In 2011 a federal judge in San Antonio ruled that the district boundaries that had been laid out by the legislature imposed unfair discrimination on minorities and required the court to draft a new map. 

That court-mandated district boundary map has been in use ever since.  At the end of this year’s legislative session Governor Perry called a special session and have tasked lawmakers with considering if the current map should be permanently adopted or if another map should be drawn.

The Senate committee is traveling the state listening to what the people of Texas think and want.


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