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Powerball Mania Sweeps Houston

Powerball Mania Sweeps Houston

People have been lining up for days for their chance at $600 million dollars.  That’s the grand prize for any one ticket that matches all the numbers drawn at 9:59 tonight in the Powerball Lottery.  The cash buyout is $376.9 million dollars.  There is the possibility that the amount in the jackpot could rise through day because of the unprecedented volume of tickets being sold. The jackpot increased by 236-million-dollars just since last Wednesday.

In last night’s Mega Million drawing worth $190 million, there were two winners who picked all the numbers drawn plus the Mega ball.  They’ll both take home a $70 million dollar prize if they opt for the one-time cash payment.  There are 17 tickets that matched all five numbers but missed the maga-ball.  That could be worth up to $250,000.

The largest lottery prize in history was $656 million won in a Mega Millions drawing in March of 2012.  The prize money was split three way with winners in Illinois, Kansas and Maryland.

The record jackpot for Powerball had been $587.5 million drawn in November of 2012, but that amount has been trounced by the record-setting bounty up for grabs tonight.

The odds of winning as calculated by the officials of Powerball are 1 in 175,223,510.00.   That odds of winning any prize at all is 1 in 31.85.


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