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Plastic Gun Developer Worries Lawmakers, Gun Rights Supporters

Plastic Gun Developer Worries Lawmakers, Gun Rights Supporters

A University of Texas law student successfully test fired a plastic gun that he made from a 3-D printer. Wilson also uploaded the blueprints for it online and told the BBC he's not afraid that the wrong people could get a hold of it.

“I recognize it might be used to harm other people. That’s what it is. It’s a gun. I don’t think it’s a reason to not do it or a reason to not put it out there,” Wilson said.

Some 3-D Printers cost in the neighborhood of a thousand dollars. Jeremy Alcede of Tactical Firearms says Wilson’s development is dangerous.

“The scary thing is that a 13-year old can start making these things,” Alcede stated.

Some Lawmakers in Washington are now pushing for a ban on plastic guns made by 3-D printers. Among them is New York Senator Charles Schumer.

“They would not be detectable by a metal detector at any airport or sporting event,” Schumer said.

Alcede maintains that Wilson isn't helping people fighting for your Second Amendment rights.



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