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Number Of Welfare Recipients May Shock You

Number Of  Welfare Recipients May Shock You

Even though the Obama Administration likes to say the economy is getting better, the government’s own numbers are telling a different story.

According to the Census Bureau nearly 1/3 of Americans get some sort of welfare. Hank Lewis of Lone Star College says while many of these people are getting benefits legitimately, for any number of reasons, there are some that are committing welfare fraud.

“About 30-35% of the people that are on welfare may be committing some kind of fraud,” Lewis said. “We could take those people out and the number would probably be closer to 30%.”

Texas has dealt with welfare fraud in the past. Governor Rick Perry pushed for, and got lawmakers in Austin to pass a measure allowing drug testing for some people who are on welfare. That leads some to wonder if we need another round of welfare reform. Matt Mackowiak of Breitbart says it's an issue that deserves consideration.

“You do need some kind of bipartisan effort like you had in the 1990’s,” Mackowiak said. “This is not a problem that can be solved with a bumper sticker solution. It’s going to take real reform. It’s going to take job training. It’s going to take reductions in fraud.”

But there is some good economic news. You are doing a better job of paying your credit cards on time. The rate for bills at least 90 days past due is down to 1.16%



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