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‘Nomophobia’ hits half of us

‘Nomophobia’ hits half of us

You’ve seen it before. You’re on line at the store and the person in front if you isn’t paying attention because they are too busy with their phones. They are either talking, Tweeting or playing a game. The problem is so bad that some have actually written songs about it that have gone viral.

These people say they are addicted. A new study says half of us claim to suffer from 'nomophobia,' which is the fear of being without our mobile phones. But psychologist Wendy Rice says it's a myth.

“Nomophobia is not a real condition. It’s a made up term. It’s not in any of our manuals,” Rice told KTRH.

The study says this ‘nomophobia’ affects women more than men. Why is that?

“Traditionally women are the people who gossip more than men,” Rice said.

So how do you know if there is a problem?

“If your wife is complaining that you are too attached to your phone that you’re missing out on your relationship, or if it’s disrupting your sleep or you are so uncomfortable being away from your phone then I think it’s a problem,” Rice explained.

Almost half of us take our phones to the beach while we're on vacation. So how do you unplug?

“You have to make the decision to leave the phone at home,” Rice said.

One more way to break the hold your phone has over you is to leave your phone at home if you're spending time with your friends.


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