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Most Can’t Afford the American Dream

Most Can’t Afford the American Dream

The “American Dream” seems to be moving out of the reach of the average American family.  One estimate puts its price tag at 130-thousand dollars a year.  That means the dream is available to one in eight U.S. families. 

Financial strategist Steve Scanlon, co-founder of GuardVest, says a lot of us live paycheck-to-paycheck -- more than you might think.

“That's not just amongst people who don't have a lot of money,” Scanlon says.  “I've worked with plenty of multi-millionaires that live paycheck to paycheck.”

Scanlon says the biggest problem is most families don't even have a budget

“They have no idea of what it costs them to live, month-in and month-out,” he explains.  “And, if you don't have the information, you can't expect to do something about it.”



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