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Hopes Crushed for Texas Powerball Players

Hopes Crushed for Texas Powerball Players

In the face of a near-record breaking Powerball Jackpot, Texas Lottery officials reportedly sold more than 25-million dollars in tickets on Saturday alone.


The winning numbers in last night’s drawing: 22-10-13-14-52 – Powerball 11.  A single winning ticket for the estimated 590-million dollar jackpot was sold in Florida.


What to do with all that money?  According to Texas Lottery officials and Forbes Magazine, 13 Major League Baseball teams are valued under 600-million; all but six NBA teams could be bought. 


And for those worried about the future of manned space flight, a shuttle mission could be financed for 450-million dollars.


Powerball is played in 43 states – including Texas – along with Washington DC and the Virgin Islands.


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