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Harris County Will Study Astrodome Proposal

Harris County Will Study Astrodome Proposal

A plan to repurpose Houston's Astrodome into a giant convention center is inching forward.  Harris County Commissioners Court Tuesday voted to take a closer look at the $194 million dollar proposal.

Commissioner Steve Radack insists there is still a long way to go before anything is decided.

"Our budget office has to figure out what the tax impact would be or the cost of it, we have our county attorney looking at the legality of it all, and we have our public infrastructure people, the architects and engineers, looking to see how structurally feasible it is," he says.

For Radack, tearing down the dome is not an option.

"I think it would be ridiculous to tear it down and end up with just a parking lot," he says.  "That would cost tens of millions of dollars, and I think we can do better than a parking lot."

If the project can be budgeted and is approved by Commissioners Court, Radack says county voters can expect town hall meetings ahead of a likely bond election to pay for the project.


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