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Harris County Confirms Positive West Nile Virus Sample

Harris County Confirms Positive West Nile Virus Sample

West Nile Virus has made its first appearance in the Houston area this summer season.  Health officials say a mosquito in northeast Harris County has tested positive for the disease. 

Dr. Rudy Bueno stresses no human cases have been reported locally.

West Nile Statistics

"This is the first one, we're not exactly sure what the season looks like," Bueno tells KTRH News.  "About a month from now we'll have a better idea as far as the level of activity."

First Case of West Nile For 2013 in Texas

Last year, Harris County reported 42 human cases of West Nile Virus; the city of Houston had 74 -- including four deaths. 

Bueno says the positive sample is a good reminder for folks to empty any standing water from things such as bird baths, kiddy pools or old tires.

"We certainly want the public to get rid of the water within a period of 3-5 days," he says.  "It's so hot now; it doesn't take long for mosquito eggs to hatch into adults."

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