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Americans Make Prescription Mistakes

Americans Make Prescription Mistakes

With 70-percent of Americans taking at least one pill of prescription medication each day, it alarms doctors that they pay so little attention to the instructions.  Dr. Amitava Dasgupta says some drug interactions can be dangerous and some prescriptions won't work if they're not handled properly.

“Some medications are photo-sensitive,” Dr. Dasgupta points out.  “That means if light interacts with them their composition is changed.  Therefore, it's very important to follow the instructions (given with prescription medication).”

The professor at UT Health Sciences Medical School says most patients never read the label on their medication.  They have a free resource in their pharmacist, but few questions are ever asked.

“The pharmacist is available to you at no additional charge,” he says.  “I don't understand why people don't talk to them.”

Experts say Americans make a lot of mistakes in handling their prescriptions.  


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